Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer Review

Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer Review

Juicing has recently become popular because of its numerous health benefits. At the top of these benefits is the fast absorption of the phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients enhance the immune system, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, eliminate toxins, and provide more life-enhancing advantages.

Similarly, juicer machines have become a thing in appliance stores. They come in different types, models and prices, making it difficult to find a good juicer for your needs.

Here is a simple guide on the features that you need to consider in a juicing machine.

There are two basic types of juicer: the centrifugal juicer and the masticating juicer. The first one is made with a spinning blade that extracts the juice in as fast as 60 seconds. It has the best value in the market.

The masticating juicer has up to two augers or twin gears that extract the juice. It has more sophisticated features but comes at a more expensive price.

Some users avoid using their juicer machine because it is difficult to clean and it easily clogs. So, the end result is the juicer ends up inside the kitchen cabinet collecting dust.

When buying a juicer, make sure that you get the most out of it. One good brand is the Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer.

Features of the Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer

  • This high-rated juicing machine is low powered and energy efficient. In fact, it works on only 50 watts but is very powerful enough to extract your juices. Its motor is quiet, so it does not disturb the entire household
  • With its one-touch operation, you can extract the most juice possible from the citrus fruit regardless of the size. It is an easy job for a busy lifestyle. Just push the citrus fruit down onto the ream and the Tribest Juicer will extract the juice
  • It has a universal ream that can extract from any size of fruit. Simply detach it so it becomes a smaller ream that is suitable for smaller citrus fruits
  • You will be able to enjoy fresh juice right after you extract it. It is made with a sloped juice collector that transfers the extracted juice directly into a container for a non-stop process
  • It has a unique, high-quality stainless steel locking spout to prevent the pulp and pits from clogging, for an undisturbed operation and easy cleanup
  • It also has an adjustable cord for more convenience and easier access to a power outlet

This Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer is a best seller in stores today. With the features above, no wonder why. Below is a list of the pros and cons which add to the reasons why it is so popular.


  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful motor
  • Extracts in seconds
  • Prevents clogging
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Lasts for years
  • Worth the money
  • Comes with warranty
  • Extract pours directly into container
  • Universal ream
  • Safe
  • Very efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart design


Cover lid made of plastic


As juicing becomes a popular part of the diet of many people, juicing machines become popular as well. They come in different varieties and brands, making it hard to identify which one is the best.

Make sure to choose a juicing brand that is easy to use and clean, easily extracts juice, and prevents clogging.

One of the juicing brands that has all these features is the Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer. It has a very powerful motor powered by 50 watts, and it operates quietly.

It extracts the maximum amount of juice from citrus fruits. Simply press the fruit into the ream, and this CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer does the rest of the job.

It has a stainless steel fine screen that prevents clogging and promotes a non-stop extraction. The extracted juice comes out directly into the container through the stainless steel locking spout. The universal ream allows any size of fruit to be extracted.

We can compare CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer to other juicer machines like the Homdox Juicer Extractor. It is built from good looking, durable stainless steel that lasts for years.

It stays clean and is also energy efficient. But the CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer still stands out because it is more affordable and is very convenient to use.

When it comes to juicing machines, nothing beats Tribest CS-100 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer. It is easy to use, operates flawlessly, and lasts for years.

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