Towards healthier lifestyle: Are juicers better than blender?

Towards healthier lifestyle: Are juicers better than blender?

There is one question that is by health-conscious individuals—are juicers better than blenders? It’s true that we can consume more amounts of vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables when we drink them rather than when we eat them.

It has many health benefits such as a decrease in the risk of cancer, stroke, and other diseases. The more fresh foods we consume, the more benefits we can get from them.

Are juicers better than blenders?

Both juicing and blending are healthy ways to consume fruits and vegetables in larger amounts. But what is the difference? What kind of kitchen appliance do we need for each one? Which is better?

To answer these questions, we will describe each one and enumerate their health advantages.


Juicing is extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables and separating the pulp and pits from the liquid. A lot of fiber is removed from this extraction which might be its biggest disadvantage.

The insoluble fiber is removed and the soluble fiber remains which is then absorbed by the body and serves as a prebiotic to feed the good bacteria in the gut. This fiber helps boost the immune system to protect us from illnesses.

Juicer machines

To extract the juice, juicer machines are used. It removes the pulp and extracts the juice so what you’re left with is the pure liquid right from the fruits and vegetables.

There are two basic types of juicers: the centrifugal juicer and the masticating juicer. The centrifugal juicer operates as fast as 15,000 rpm and can extract the juice in seconds. This is why it is also called high-speed juicer. Most centrifugal juicers are affordable and yield satisfying results.

The other type is the masticating juicer. It produces the driest pulp which is a sign that is extracts the most juice possible from fresh foods.

It operates in two stages; it crushes the fruit/vegetable into small bits and squeezes the pulp while going through the auger against the filter. Unlike centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer operates a slow pace, usually 40-80 rpm.


Blending uses the entire fruit or vegetable which produces a smoothie. A smoothie has more volume than the extracted juice.

What you put inside the blender is what you consume; there is no separated pulp or pits, so you get all the fiber contained in the fruits and vegetables.

Fiber-rich smoothies will help you feel fuller and enhance your digestion. You can add other foods such as yogurt, nuts, and seeds to increase the smoothie’s nutritional value.


A blender processes the entire fruit and vegetables and pulverizes them into a thick liquid. Nothing is removed or separated.

It incorporates the insoluble fiber which is removed in juicing. The insoluble fiber makes you feel full and adds volume to stools.

Which is better?

The answer depends on your goals:

  • For people who want to lose weight, juicing is better because it enables you to reduce your daily caloric intake while supplying your body with important vitamins and minerals
  • For people who want to get healthier and maintain an ideal weight, blending or juicing is ideal. Incorporating juices with the plant-based materials will guarantee that you get sufficient calories to maintain your weight and health.

Juicing and blending are great

Whichever you prefer, both juicing and blending are great way to have a healthier lifestyle. We all know that we need to consume more vegetables and fruits, but only a very small portion of our caloric intake comes from these foods.

Fortunately, we can now consume more plant foods through juicing and blending. Rather eating the entire fruit or vegetable, we can drink them so we can take them in larger amounts through juicing and blending.

Both produces fun juices or smoothies that are easy to consume and taste good. They also have health benefits such as regulating blood sugar, keeping the digestive system healthy, and decreasing the risk of serious diseases like cancer and stroke.

It is important to use a blender or juicer that is easy for you to operate and use. It should be operated in straightforward manner and not require any complicated instructions.

Their parts should be dishwasher safe and easy to clean. You don’t want to spend more time cleaning or figuring out how it works than the actual extraction or drinking.

Have a healthy life!

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