Tips to Boost Immune System Coronavirus: Family Survival Guide

The question if we can boost our immune system to fight against the Coronavirus is trending around the world. Almost everyone is pushed to a state of panic by COVID-19. And, this change has happened for a reason. Details on how to handle the damage caused by the virus in our body is yet to be uncovered. This virus is totally new! There is little literature, and insight on how to prevent it. Thus, the world is pushed into a mode of crisis where no one knows what has to be done, to stop the virus from spreading and affecting more lives.

Boost Immune SystemAs you browse through the internet, you will see numerous posts on how vitamins and minerals can help in boosting your immunity against COVID-19. Likewise, you will see a dozen posts on how silver nanoparticles can be used to treat the condition and prepare the body. Yet, there is very little insight on how reliable and useful these pieces of information can be. There is no scientific proof to support the claims made in these websites. Thus, the question on how to boost immune system Coronavirus still exists.

Finding answers about how to boost immune system to fight Coronavirus is a challenge. This is mainly because the body’s immune system is made of numerous components. Nurturing one part of the component may impair another! This means, you need to come up with solutions that would handle the immune system as a whole. And, this is definitely not an easy job. One should always remember that the immune system is extremely delicate and intricate. And, the way it fights against viruses is a complicated battle. Supporting the immune system with this battle against COVID-19 is therefore a challenge.

Some people wonder if the cure for another virus would help in the case of COVID-19. Though this is a great question, there is no concrete answer to support this theory. No one clearly knows if a cure for another virus will be useful or not.

Now, let’s understand more about what is feasible from our end against Coronavirus. First of all, elders should follow every safety protocol advised by doctors and leaders. This is because the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus in elders is stronger. And, this is why elders are more likely to lose the battle. Likewise, people who are affected by chronic sicknesses like diabetes and high blood pressure have a weakened immune system. This means, the time they need to fight against COVID-19 is more. And, by the time their body finds a fight mechanism, the disease would have advanced to the next stage.

Young ones with a stronger immune system are more likely to survive the battle. This is because their immune system is more responsive. Thus, the likelihood of symptoms in the young ones is less. Even if they are infected by the diseases, they have a better chance of recovering. The disease might remain active in their bodies for a week or two. And with time, the body will recover and become normal again. If you are young and capable of recovering from the disease, there are few things you should keep in mind. One, stick to the golden rules of social distancing. Two, you must remain hygienic at any cost. This way, you will reduce the chances of spreading the disease to someone weak and older.

Now, let’s understand more on how to boost immune system to fight Coronavirus.

The bond between immunity and low carb dietary routines

Low Carb Dietary Routines There are so many benefits in following a dietary plan that is low in carbohydrates. This is a scientifically proven fact. And, now would be the best time to revisit your diet plan. According to experts, your dietary plan need to be improved and made healthier. The healthy change has to be incorporated into your lifestyle. Consequently, you must stick to this healthy lifestyle for a long period of time. COVID-19 or not, it is very important to follow a balance diet plan with less carbs. You’re eating plan should help you maintain a balanced weight. Meanwhile, you should keep blood sugar within limits and provide all necessary nourishments. A lot of people believe that it is difficult to pull together a healthy diet plan. Well, that is not true.

Individuals with metabolic conditions and type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk of Coronavirus. One of the best ways to reverse your metabolic condition is by consuming a diet rich in ketones and low in carbohydrates. This is an effective principle in treating and reversing the problems with your metabolism.

There is no proof that a diet low in carbs can boost immune system Coronavirus. But, it makes a lot of sense to limit the amount of sugar in your diet. When the body has high blood sugar, or high blood pressure, the impact of COVID-19 will be worse.

A recent study revealed that mice who were given a ketonic diet were less impacted by influenza. There is no solid evidence that a ketonic diet would help human beings from the Coronavirus. But, there is one big question for everyone: will consuming a ketonic diet improve the body’s metabolism and reduce weight? If yes, wouldn’t it aide in boosting the overall immune system? And, as a result, wouldn’t the body be able to handle COVID-19 better? If a diet is going to improve your immunity, is there any harm in consuming it?

Certainly not!

The basics

Immunity Boosting FoodsHere are few basics that can help you boost immune system Coronavirus:

Always wash your hands and keep them clean. Try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. And, use a good hand sanitizer with an alcohol percentage of 60 or more.

Quit smoking! There are numerous reasons to stop smoking. And, now would be the best time. Times like the Coronavirus stress more on why smoking is bad for health. That is because smokers are more likely to catch the infection. The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 is severe in smokers.

Sleep for a minimum of eight hours. For generations, people have stressed on the need for sound sleep. The bond between sleep and good health is very strong. In fact, good sleep can improve your fitness levels by leaps and bounds. Studies have revealed that people with troubled sleep patterns have a better chance of catching influenza. And, if you wish to reduce your chances of being affected by the Coronavirus, follow a strict sleep cycle from today. Prioritize your sleep, and shun away from the television, mobile phones and internet at night.

Exercise during these tough times. A good workout will enhance your immunity. This theory holds good even during normal days. Observational studies reveal that people with a sturdy workout regime don’t catch infections easily. This is because their body is prepared to fight against viruses and bacteria. But, you must not overstrain yourself. Anything more than 1.5 hours a day can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. So, the best advice would be to start with mild workouts, and keep it that way.

Next, you need to engage in stress management. Acute stress is capable of enhancing your immune system. And, chronic stress will reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. Stop worrying about your finances, food and job. These are chronic stress factors that wouldn’t help you survive COVID-19. Engage in simple walks, mindful exercise and mediate to bring down the level of stress in your life.

Finally, you need to reduce the intake of alcohol. Many people consume alcohol to handle stress. Indeed, alcohol is helpful in some scenarios. But, you should stick to moderate amounts. When your stress management methods are not sufficient, alcohol adds an extra punch. A little alcohol is always fine, but too much will increase your chances of catching the infection. The trick here is to draw the line, when it is important. Meanwhile, you should remember that alcohol tolerance gets impacted when you follow a low carb or ketonic diet.

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