Omega VRT350 Review

Omega VRT350 Review

These days, many people are on a healthy-living kick and they enjoy it and stick to it. It pays to follow a clean and nourishing diet that is free from preservatives and rich in vitamins and minerals. You will have a stronger immune system and overall better health.

One good way to attain excellent health through a better diet is with juicing. A quality juicer will satisfy all your daily nutrient requirements.

There are lots of juicers in the market now, and it can be difficult to wade through all the types, brands and models, but you can make your selection easier by reading reviews. This review discusses the Omega VRT350 Dual-Stage Single Auger Low Speed Juicer.

Features of the Omega VRT350

  • Masticating juicer which works at low speeds for preserving produce’s natural taste, color and essential nutrients
  • Has a downsized, vertical footprint which will not take up much room in kitchen
  • A dual-stage juicer model
  • Low speed use restricts frothing and foaming, plus it reduces oxidation as well
  • Juice produced from this device can be stored up to 72 hours without separating or degrading
  • Comes with 3 settings; on, off and reverse
  • Has larger spout for easier dispensing of drinks


The Omega VRT350 is a vertical auger-type masticating juicer. This means that the unit makes use of the masticating method to crush produce against a mesh screen. The auger spins at a slow speed (80 rpms) so very little air is generated in the mixture, thereby lessening the chances of oxidation taking place.

Less oxidation also allows the juice to remain fresh longer, however it is still recommended that you drink the beverage on the day that you made it. You can make larger batches of drinks though and store them in mason jars, but keep in mind to refrigerate it.

Another benefit of the device is that it operates quietly, unlike centrifugal juicers. This is a dual stage model and it works this way:

The ingredient gets crushed by means of a blunt blade and its juice is extracted. The pulp gets crushed into a compact space till the auger extracts the majority of the juice from the produce. The pulp comes out dry, which means most of the juice has been extracted.

This is a heavy-duty model as well, which means the auger and screen is composed of a crack-resistant ULTEM material; this means you will get longer service out of this unit if properly taken care of. All types of produce can be used here, from apples, kale, ginger, cucumber and more.

The Omega VRT350 can also take on tinier seeds from pineapple, apples and watermelon. However, those with bigger pits or stones should not be juiced since they can harm the ULTEM screen of the unit.

If you want to take on celery or collard greens, you should first chop them up into thinner bits before adding it to the unit. You have to make sure that vegetables of this kind are properly prepared since the fiber of poorly prepared produce can clog the tiny pulp ejector and this can be difficult to clean.

To avoid clogging, you have to pre-cut certain vegetables. The best vegetables that work on this unit are cucumbers and zucchini. In fact, it did very well with vegetables compared to fruit.

Cleaning the Omega VRT350 is not that hard if you have carefully prepared your ingredients. Prior to taking the juicer apart, you have to turn it on and run a cup of water through the device to get rid of the pulp.

You should manually clean the device, scrub and rinse off pulp buildup, and make use of the brush’s chisel end to remove pulp that’s stuck in the ejector.

All in all, the unit is a snap to clean and maintain, backed by a 10-year warranty. It comes at a reasonable price and is a self-feeding model. The ULTEM strainer and the auger of the unit are also guaranteed to last for a longer period of time so expect to get lots of service using this device.


One of the disadvantages of this product is that it does not have a juice tap or a strainer. Because this is a masticating juicer, it will take some time to get your juice. Lastly, the product does not come with a stopper which prevents dripping.


If you want to take juicing seriously, make sure to check out this particular model—the Omega VRT350 Dual-Stage Single Auger Low Speed Juicer. It runs at 80 rpms, so it does not produce much noise when in use, and there’s also less chance of oxidation. It is great with vegetables as well.

There is a bit of a learning curve when using this unit however, but we would still recommend this product in a heartbeat because of its great performance. This is an excellent example of a masticating juicer, and it is worth the price.

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