Is Pressed Juicery Organic: Things You Need to Know

Is Pressed Juicery Organic: Things You Need to Know

At this present time when there are so many companies dealing with cold-pressed juices, it isn’t easy for anyone to differentiate a legitimate enterprise from that of a faulty one. The problem manifolds multiple times if you intend to use entirely organic products.

Hence, many individuals are starting to ask related questions like “Is Pressed Juicery organic?” and “What kind of people aren’t recommended to consume pressed juices?”

In order to solve this problem, we’ve curated this guide for all those of you who want to know every little thing about Pressed Juicery.  Starting from the ingredients which they use in their everyday juices to the type of cleanses which they offer.

Further, this guide will also inform you whether or not it is viable for your body to consume cold-pressed juices along with juice cleanses. So if you want to have an in-depth analysis of Pressed Juicery, have a look at the below-mentioned guide.

What is Pressed Juicery?

Pressed Juicery is a famous LA-based enterprise which deals in all kinds of cold-pressed juices. All their products are freshly extracted in their own facility.

Even though the actual date of production of their juices might vary, Pressed Juicery does make sure that all their products are 100% fresh.

It means, whether you’re purchasing their juices on your own from any one of their countrywide juice shops, or if you’re getting them shipped to your personal address, you’ll always be getting a fresh, flavorful beverage. Their retail stores are situated all across the US, including New York and Las Vegas, so depending on where you live, you can always acquire any one of the Pressed Juicery cold-pressed juices by yourself.

Ingredient Quality

Another thing which is quite impressive about them is that all their juices are free from any kind of additives, preservatives and other such ingredients. Also, they are completely unpasteurized juices which eventually reduces their shelf life.

This company deals with local farmers who provide them fresh produce every day. Afterward, they extract cold-pressed juices from this product before shipping them to your desired address.

Expiry Date

The company’s juices do come with a short expiry date. If properly refrigerated, you can consume the Pressed Juicery products for no more than three days. Also once you’ve opened them, it is recommended to consume it within the next 12 hours fully.

Otherwise, they have the tendency to go bad with the passage of time. Nevertheless, according to some experts, a short expiration date means that the products are really natural.

Is Pressed Juicery Organic?

The term organic is used to define all those products which have followed a certain protocol during their growth, production, and transportation from one place to the other. Basically, for a product to be fully organic, it has to be made from all such fruits, vegetables, and other food items which are produced without any help from the synthetic fertilizers.

Apart from a wide range of benefits to the human health, organic food is equally viable for the environment.

Coming towards the question, “Is Pressed Juicery organic?”, it might vary. Even though they try to extract all their products from entirely organic food ingredients, there are some juices, from Pressed Juicery that are not 100% organic in nature.

This is because of the reason that when a series of consumers order fresh, cold-pressed juices at the start of each day, Pressed Juicery has to include some inorganic ingredients for them to be able to meet such a high market demand.

Such is related to the fact that company extracts fresh juices every day, it is not possible to do it with purely organic food items.

Having said that, all the food ingredients which are used for extracting cold-pressed juices at Pressed Juicery are totally fresh. In this way, you can be extra sure that even if some of their products are not fully organic, they are always made from fresh food items without any discrepancy.

What are the Types of Cleanses They Offer?

A juice cleanse is basically a detox diet which is made with the mixture of a number of different juices. Most individuals who undergo such program are those who want to stay fit and look young. Some try to create their own cleanses while others prefer buying prepared ones.

As per Pressed Juicery, all the juice cleanses they offer are carefully designed as per your lifestyle and the way in which you eat on a consistent basis.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose between a three-day cleanse program and a five-day cleanse program. While the former program is normally suited to the newbies or people who want to enjoy a medium level of cleansing, the latter is ideal for all those who want to detoxify their body comprehensively.

Regardless of the cleansing program, one thing which is extra sure about the juices of Pressed Juicery are their flawless taste. As compared to a wide range of juice cleanses, which come in awful flavors, all the juices from this company incorporate an incredible flavor.

So when you’re providing your body with an optimal fitness diet, you’re doing so without doing any harm to your taste buds.

Are Cold-Pressed Juices Suitable for Your Body?

Consumption of cold-pressed juices varies depending on your medical condition. For example, if you’re pregnant women, it might not be a good idea to consume one.

Similarly, if you’re breastfeeding, you should include extra nutrients in your daily regime. Also, if you have a weak digestive system, your body might not be able to tolerate fresh, cold-pressed juices.

Hence, you should consult your doctor before starting a particular program with Pressed Juicery.

Final Conclusion

Pressed Juicery, is among the most famous companies in the field of cold-pressed juices along with juice cleanses. They almost always rely on organic products for extracting any one of the aforementioned products.

However, just like any other juicing company in the world with such a wide customer base, you cannot expect that every single of their products is 100% organic. Nevertheless, all their juices are 100% fresh which tends to give a number of different benefits to your health.

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