Getting the most out of fresh foods: Which juicers are the best to buy?

Getting the most out of fresh foods: Which juicers are the best to buy?

Juicing enables us to get the most vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. For an average adult, it is recommended that they have 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. But most of us don’t meet the minimum recommendations.

It’s a good thing that juicing has become popular and juicers have taken their place among household appliances. Another important concern is this: Which juicers are  the best to buy?

Some people regret buying a cheap juicer that does not work as advertised. These kinds of juicers do not extract the most juice from the fresh foods, do not completely separate the pulp from the juice, or are very inconvenient to use.

Which juicers are the best to buy?

So, how do you know which juicer brand to choose? Below are just few of the best-selling juicing machines today.

Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer

The Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer features a X- Tract Juicing System that extracts the maximum juice possible from citrus fruits, regardless of the size. It saves you money by getting the most out of your fruits. You can also enjoy the freshly extracted juice right after it was extracted.

It has a perfect-pout direct-spout feature that directly transfers the juice to a glass or any container. It prevents oxidation and gives you the most nutrients from your fruit.

Nutrihome Masticating Juicer Extractor

This Nutrihome juicer works in a slow process, at 80 rpm/minute, which minimizes oxidation. Oxidation is known to increase the loss of nutrients from the fruits or vegetables. This juicer ensures that you get the most phytonutrients. This slow process also prevents clogging and foaming.

Another good feature of this juicer is its energy efficiency. In fact, it works at only 150 watts in 110 volts. It is heavy duty, but does not compromise on appearance.

Nutri-Stahl Juicer Machine

This Nutri-Stahl Juicer Machine has a stainless steel micro blade that gets up to 33% more nutrients and 40% more vitamins from fruits and vegetables. It has a big feeding tube where you can fit any size of fruit and vegetable pieces.

You won’t have to cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces, which will reduce oxidation. One unique feature of Nutri Stahl Juicer is its two speed settings: turbo setting for softer fruits, and super turbo for harder fruits.

Features of the best juicers

Easy to use

A good juicer has a straightforward operation. It has fewer parts which make it less complicated to operate. It has a larger feeding tube to reduce your time in preparing and cleaning.

An example of an easy-to-use juicer is the Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer; simply push the fruit down onto the universal ream and let the juicer do the rest.

An easy-to-use juicer also saves your time. It enables you to reap the health benefits of juicing, even if you have a busy lifestyle.

Nutrient retention

If you cut the fruits and vegetables in smaller pieces, you increase the rate of oxidation. Oxidation causes loss of nutrients in fresh foods.

To prevent this, the juicer should operate at a slow speed and have a large tube where the entire fruit or vegetable can fit. It should also directly transfer the freshly extracted juice into the container so you can enjoy it right away.


Some juicers are only intended for citrus fruits, but others can be used in extracting more kinds of fresh foods such as fibrous fruits and leafy vegetables.

Some juicers can extract the hard fruits, but others can’t do so. When buying a good juicer, make sure it is versatile and has more functions.

Easy to clean

A lockable spout or spill-free spout makes a juicer easy to clean and convenient to use. It prevents mess in the area and maintains a neat extraction process.


Remember that juicers are intended to be used regularly or whenever you want to. An inconvenient, difficult-to-use juicer is not recommended because it will more than likely sit inside your kitchen cabinet.

You won’t want to use it because it takes more time to clean it than it does to extract juice from your fruits and vegetables.

So, which juicers are best to buy? Look for juicers that are versatile, easy to clean, retain more nutrients, prevent oxidation, and have a straightforward operation. Extract fresh juices more often and have a healthier lifestyle.

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