Choosing The Best Portable Juicer On a Budget

Choosing The Best Portable Juicer On a Budget

If you’re someone who loves their juice but also wants it while on the move then you may have heard of juicer cups. These portable devices are great when you need to make juice on the move in a fast and efficient way. Like any standard portable cup, they come with a lid, jar, handle but also a blender.

These are very easy to use and come in a variety of models and makes depending on the manufacturer. The motor base drives the blades which break down fruit and veggies into a delicious and nutritious drink whenever you get your juice cravings.

These juicer cups have the advantage of being very compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around and use on the go. They don’t require an outlet as they run on chargeable batteries for power. Depending on what model you choose these juicer cups can be great for making not only juice but also smoothies, shakes and even baby food.

Many of them are multi-functional and capable of completing more than one task. They can be used as water bottles and some even come with power banks. If you’re looking for the best juicer for the money then we’ve rounded up three of the best models on the market today. First though let’s take a closer look at what makes a good portable juicer.

What to look for in a portable juicer

Juicers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, some will be more suited for you than others. To help you choose the best one let’s consider what makes a good juicer cup.


How well a juicer performs its functions depends on the power of its motor. What you’ll be juicing will play a big part in deciding which one suits you best. If you do a look of hard fruits like apples or stringy vegetables like leafy greens then you’ll need a powerful motor. Juicer cups are very basic so you’ll be limited in what you can use with it but this is the price you pay for their portability.


Since you’ll be using this on the go you’ll need a juicer cup large enough for your needs. Choose a cup large enough to make and carry your favourite recipes. Most juicer cups have a capacity of 300-500ml which usually produces about 1-2 cups of juice.

Quality of the materials

As a portable cup, you’ll need one that is made of durable materials. Quality construction and materials, ensure you get the minimum of leaking. The materials should also be food friendly so they don’t affect the final taste.


You’ll want to strike an even balance between portability and efficiency. It should have enough power to keep running while not connected to a power source while still being easy to carry. Look out for helpful features like carrying handles, textured handles and good battery life.

Extra features

Portable juicers come in many styles and some will have a few helpful extras. These can include safety features to protect both the machine and the user. Things like a power indicator and waterproof parts may not be vital but they go a long way towards making it more user friendly.

Best juicer for the money

Zikkie Mini Prange juicer

For the outdoor lover and gym fanatic, Zikkie has come out with this highly portable multi-function juicer that allows you to make juice anytime you need. For safety, the connecting point of the cup and base have imbedded magnets meaning the motor automatically stops when they become disconnected.

High-quality stainless steel blades make it great for mixing all kinds of different fruit and veggies. To use it all you need to do is hold the power button for 3 seconds and the power switches on for 61 seconds before stopping automatically.

It comes with a USB charging cable and is good for 3 hours on a full charge. With a high level of durability and portability, this is great for taking on a day trek or just your weekly gym session.


  • Great safety features make it easy to use
  • Durable build makes it great for outdoor use
  • Acts as a portable charger


  • Won’t have the power for tougher vegetables

E-UNIONA Rechargeable Portable Mini Fruit Juice Extractor

Weighing only 1 pound and powered by a chargeable USB battery this is a handy portable juicer that will cover most needs. While it won’t be able to handle ice cube or tough veggies it great for whipping up a protein shake or baby food on the go.

It has a sturdy design thanks to a vacuum double deck structure making it both durable and lightweight. One issue with this model is that it needs to be fully charged each time for best use. Like the Zikkie Mini, it also has magnets between the cup and base making it both safe and easy to use. For a standard portable juicer, you can’t go wrong with this.


  • Easy for use in the gym or office
  • Easy to clean


  • Moderate power, may not be enough for large fruit and veg


Similar in style and performance to the E-UNIONA, but weighing a little less at 0.95 pounds, the TOWABO provides all you need for making fast shakes on the go. If portability is what you’re looking for then this is what you get if at the expense of power performance.

Also, like the E-UNIONA, this model is perfect for handling smaller fruits and protein shakes but many will find it lacking for tough stringy vegetables. It comes with a USB cable and once fully charged it’s good for 10-12 uses of the 60-second blending cycle. For best results, it’s best to cut up your fruit as small as possible to prevent it jamming. All in all, this is a great juicer for the money you spend.


  • Very lightweight portable design
  • Simple easy to use design


  • No micro USB port meaning you must always carry around the right cable


If you’re looking to bring you love of juice on the road then anyone of these products would make a great addition to your inventory. If we had to pick one though it would be the Zikkie MINI Orange juicer. It has all the benefits of the other models but the mini USB port makes it easier to carry around and charge on the go. For a portable juicer, small things like this can make a big difference which is why its earned our recommendation.

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