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Black and Decker Air Fryer: A Strong Contender In The Air Frying Market

We eat to be nourished. Eating is an essential activity for us. The food that we eat gives us the energy to move, the ability to think and thrive and we often neglect this fact. Apart from the nourishment we derive from food, eating is an important social activity, especially at home.

Sadly, our time is being consumed mostly with our work and other activities and cooking is therefore becoming a tedious task more than an enjoyable chore at home. And because it is a bit taxing to prepare meals, a lot are indulging into take outs, dine-outs and/ or end up frying, which is the easiest if not the simplest cooking method yet loved by many!

Deep-frying unfortunately, has detrimental effects to our health, as too much fat or cholesterol consumption is linked to many health issues like clogging of our arteries, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and even weight gain leading to obesity.

Black and Decker Air Fryer, from the revolutionary American company which is known for it’s heavy-duty home appliances and tools has come up with their renowned line of air fryers that lets you enjoy your fried delicacies without feeling the guilt and self-restrictions as it requires just a minimal amount or even zero oil while frying.

Black and Decker Air Fryer is a durable kitchen appliance that is proven and tested by the consumers who were able to experience it’s outstanding kitchen performance.


Black and Decker 2L Purifry Air Fryer has a 12.625 x 12.625 x14.500 dimension. It has 2 liters cooking capacity which is good enough to be able to cook a few extra quantities of food for you (if single) or your family.

Black and Decker Air Fryer cooks evenly with it’s dual convection fan. Once you turn it on, the hot air is distributed by the fan in every angle and in all directions-there is no need to turn the food or shake it to get the desired results of cooked food that is crispy on the outside yet tender and flavorful on the inside.

The air fryer has a preset 60-minute timer. The integrated timer is very helpful as you can set the duration depending on the type of food that you will cook. What’s awesome about Black and Decker air fryer is that once the timer reaches its set duration, it will turn off automatically so you don’t have to worry about constantly on the watch or burnt meals.

Black and Decker air fryer also has its adjustable temperature that ranges from 175 up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit so the food gets cooked to its optimum temperature. Every dish has its own optimal temperature in order to bring its best flavor.

Despite the hot air inside that cooks your meal, Black and Decker air fryer has the Cool-Touch Handle which is a thoughtful feature so you won’t be scalded once you touch the device’s handle while cooking.


1. Provides healthier cooking options. With Black and Decker Air Fryer, you don’t have to feel the guilt of indulging yourself in your crispy fried treats as you don’t need to use oil. Actually, Black and Decker air fryer is known as the only air fryer that requires no oil when cooking, which at least is their claim. This is an awesome advantage as it promotes a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

black and decker air fryer2. The basket separator is definitely a genius idea! You can just imagine the time consumed when cooking several dishes at the same time. You have to cook them separately hence double the effort plus the dishes that need to be cleaned afterward. With Black and Decker Air fryer, it has basket separators which allow you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. It is compartmentalized through the separators, which saves electricity, time and effort.

3. It has a Cool-Touch handle feature which ensures you from scalding or burn injuries when you open the air fryer without precautions even on a 400 degrees Fahrenheit after 60 minutes of cooking.

4. Black and Decker Air Fryer is a safe kitchen gadget. It will automatically switch off once the cooking is finished. This way, you don’t have to worry about overheating when it gets excessively hot.

5. It provides consumer assurance through a 2-year warranty on this product and a great customer service from Black and Decker. This is a plus point in case the device gets damaged or has factory defects, for easier fix and replacement.


1. There are some feedback of burnt chemical smell the first time they used Black and Decker air fryer. It might cause worry to some who aren’t used to it but that’s normal to some brand new appliances, not just air fryers but also blenders, toasters, and ovens especially if they’re just fresh from the manufacturing companies or factories.

2. It is not dent-proof,unlike some other air fryer brands. Black and Decker air fryer lines/models are not scratch-proof which might be an issue to some users who like their appliances dent-free, compact and shiny.

3. Black and Decker air fryer is a portable kitchen gadget that may not be compatible with some countries due to its volts/watts.

black and decker air fryer4. There are customer reviews online that the air fryer’s convection fan is not working when they received it. There were similar reviews as well where the fan breaks or stops working after several uses.This might be the reason why the warranty period is extended up to 2 years to cover possible factory defects and faulty or broken equipment.

5. Lastly, some customers complained about their food unevenly cooked contrary to Black and Decker’s claim. But, these consumers admitted that it took some time for them to familiarize themselves on the air fryers features before they perfected how it operates at its best. That means it’s more of user issue than the air fryer itself.

Most of cons of Black and Decker air fryer are minor compared to its benefits as a versatile kitchen appliance. As a matter of fact, Black and Decker remains to be a strong competitor in the air frying lines.

It is a highly-recommended brand because of its easy, fuss-free operations and with healthier, grease-free meals, exemplar features, product’s durability, superb performance and the warranty period which outweighs the shortcomings.

Since you already know the features and advantages of Black and Decker Air Fryer, take the plunge and experience a different level of healthy cooking!

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