Best Juicer Blender: Getting the Most Out of Your Juices

Best Juicer Blender: Getting the Most Out of Your Juices

In today’s time, it is effortless to live a healthy lifestyle. With all the resources that the newest technology has to offer, not being able to eat or drink healthy can just be considered as an act of laziness. One specific mode of getting your healthy fix is by blending fresh juices, so definitely, you should have the best juicer blender.

For a juicer blender to be considered as the best one, it should not just be able to blend the fruits, vegetables, and herbs properly, but it should also be able to preserve the nutrients within them. This should be the case because too much food processing will introduce heat into what you are blending, and in the process, the nutrients oxidize.

In this article, we are going to review three juicer blenders in order for us to determine which is the best one. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of using them, so ultimately, we will know which juicer blender can help you get the most out of your juices.

Isun Aimores High-Speed Professional Blender

This blender boasts the optimization of your blending experience with six steel blades that are stainless. At the same time, it has a vortex that is so powerful that will make the blending process to be thorough and fast.

Additionally, the pitcher that it has is free from BPA, which makes it easier to clean, as well as safe. Not to mention that it will prevent the pitcher from staining.

Moreover, all of the controls are electronic. The design of the lid will also prevent any type of overflow while you are pouring or while you are blending.

Most importantly, it has a gravity switch that will make the whole blender stop when you accidentally take it off from the base.


  • The size of the blender is that of a commercial one that it can process significant volumes of fruit and ice in just one go.
  • The blend is very smooth and free of any lumps because the blades are extremely sharp and powerful.
  • It can blend big cubes of ice with ease. Meaning, the machine does not get stuck even when the ice comes in chunks.
  • The pitcher is big, so you can put a lot of different ingredients in it to make your own smoothie blend.


  • Being a commercial blender, its size poses a big problem for the design of home kitchens. Its base is so wide that it takes a lot of space.
  • Its height is usually taller than the space allotted below cupboards.
  • You have to put a lot of ingredients inside the pitcher for the blades to do their job properly. If you just put ingredients that are good for one serving, those will just fall around the blades. Hence, this is not ideal for a small family.

Woocon Personal Portable Blender Bottle

This juicer is unique since it can blend and act as a bottle while you are on the go. Rechargeable batteries power its four blades that are patented. Also, do not underestimate this lightweight juicer as its motor speed is 24,000 rpm/min, and can even blend nuts and cereals.

Further, it is very portable so you can take it anywhere and it will just look like a regular water bottle. At the same time, it has a safeguard against premature blending.

The blender will not work if it is not correctly installed. For added safety, the blender stops working after 35 seconds.


  • This is perfect for people who are always in a rush. You do not have to bother yourself in the morning just so you can have a healthy smoothie. You need to put in the ingredients in this blender, get in your car, and switch the blender on. Imagine that, you can drive to work while you are blending your green smoothie.
  • You do not have to transfer it to a container since you can drink straight from it.


  • It cannot process big batches. Obviously, you can only get one serving with every blend. If ever you want your family to have smoothies, all of you should purchase one juicer.
  • It does not have enough safeguards in order for it not to blend when you accidentally pushed the start button. If it senses that the attachments are properly installed, even if the top is not covered, it will start to blend, and you will be bathed in smoothie juice.

BuySevenSide Multi-Function Juicer Extractor 4-in-1 Kitchen System

The four functions of this juicer are, juicing, sorbet making, smoothie making, and meat grinding. Accordingly, when you have a lot of functions, you should also have a powerful blade. Thus, it has a huge blade that is powered by 400 watts.

Nevertheless, its size is still compact and will not take too much space on your kitchen counter and will most likely fit in regular-sized cupboards. At the same time, it has a dual -safety system, which means that the blades will not start to run when the components are not properly attached.


  • It has a lot of functions that you can utilize for everyday kitchen use, whether you are cooking, making a drink, or even baking.
  • It can process big volumes of ingredients, so you only need to juice once.
  • The juice that you get from this machine is a very fine one, so you are assured that the juice of your fruits and vegetables were completely squeezed out.


  • There are a lot of settings to do so that the machine will function in a specific way. This is not beneficial when you are in a rush because you have to take some time to figure out how to make your juice come out.

Best Juicer Blender: The Winner

Sometimes, along with trying to live a healthy life, one should also consider convenience. Thus, the Woocon Personal Portable Blender Bottle can be considered as the best juicer blender.

Yes, it is the weakest in the bunch, in terms of blending big batches of juice but its portability and usability take the cake.

The purpose of juicing is to replace certain meals, especially breakfast, so having this type of juicer blender will not only be an easy option for you, but it can also motivate you to drink your smoothies or juices. That is because you know that preparing it is no big fuss. It is healthy and easy. What more can you ask for?

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