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Be Wise With GoWise USA Air Fryer

Food is a physiological need to sustain us. We need food in order to survive. Eating is an essential activity to provide us the energy we need, to enable us to think, move at an optimal speed, and function well.

Eating and dining together as a family strengthens your bond. Or even if you are single, eating should be a daily activity that you look forward to doing before your busy day starts and after a day’s work. Unfortunately, 28% or almost a 3rd of the American population does not know how to cook according to a study.

 gowise usa air fryer

Aside from not knowing how to cook, the other reasons are not having enough time, grocery shopping is a bit inconvenient, and cleaning up the mess afterwards is a bit taxing, hence the rise of restaurants and fast food chains which not only serve high-cholesterol meals, but also takes a bulk of your expenses that you can save when you cook at home.

If those are your challenges then worry not as there is an air fryer that offers a revolutionary method of cooking, which will greatly help you prepare your meals conveniently even without the experience to cook. Air fryer is becoming extremely popular nowadays because it is cost-effective, promotes healthier meal choices and is easy to use and manage.

GoWise USA is an amazing brand that consistently offers home appliances of great quality such as air fryers, blenders, and pressure cookers. GoWise USA Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance, known as the fourth-generation of the company’s electric air fryers that promotes easier and healthier lifestyle.

It functions well with its rapid air circulation system where hot air circulates and is distributed inside the air fryer, resulting to an evenly cooked meal that is crispy on the outside, tender and juicy in the inside.


  • GoWISE USA air fryer has a dimension of 8.5x9x12 inches and weighs 12 pounds.
  • It comes with a wide arrange of product models with their specific features and available in different colors.
  • Every model (except the GW22611/12) has a wide temperature range from 170°F – 400°F which enables you to fry a great array of dishes.
  • GoWise USA air fryer has a cooking timer that you can set from 1-30 minutes.
  • It has a capacity up to 3.7 quarts of food which is a fair size given its dimension
  • GoWise USA air fryer has a beeping or alert sound to indicate that food is cooked.
  • This air fryer is ETL certified which means it has passed the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards assuring you of its safety when used.


1. Let’s you cook healthier meals as it cooks with little or no-oil by air frying. This saves your family from consuming unhealthy and greasy foods which can be detrimental to your health such as obesity, heart attacks/strokes, diabetes and other health problems.

Having a GoWISE USA air fryer is a great choice if you want to start a healthier lifestyle.

2. It provides rapid cooking speed because of its Rapid Air Circulation Technology. Unlike the traditional deep-frying or convection oven, GoWise USA air fryer heats up easily and once heated, the hot air circulates in all directions which ensures fast and even cooking. Consumers have attested that it works well, so it’s a highly recommended air fryer for those who have little time to cook.

3. It is consumer-friendly. Either you know how to cook or not, this air fryer is very easy to use. All you have to do is to basically drop the ingredients and mix them together on the frying basket and set a certain time to cook. It has it’s digital pre-set temperature and timer control so you can prepare anything from cakes to your favourite crispy treats like French fries, fried chicken, Tater tots and even steaks. It also had a beeping sound/alert to indicate that the meal is cooked.

Also, it is uncomplicated to maintain. You just have to remove the pan and the basket and it is also dishwasher safe! Since it is a non-stick pan, you don’t need to worry about oil splatters and grease that are hard to reach and clean.

4. GoWise USA air fryer is intelligently designed where it automatically shuts down when the basket is taken out from the air fryer or when the timer is done. This ensures safety from overheating which may cause house fires.

5. It is a compact air fryer which is an awesome choice for those with little kitchen space. If you are that person who doesn’t like to have a lot of appliances sitting on their kitchen counter then this is for you.


1. There is a consumer disclaimer that when you pause the machine, then you have to reset the time and temperature again, else the food might end up either undercooked or overcooked.

GoWise USA Air Fryer2. Since air frying requires less or no oil at all, your fried foods may be a bit bland and dry (if you are not used to it) especially if you are after the greasy or oily feel. But then, think about all the health benefits of having lesser fats in your meals and you’ll get used to it.

3. Since it has a limited capacity and the space is a bit small, you might experience cooking in batches especially if it is more than 3.7 quarts. GoWise USA air fryer might not be a great choice if you are always cooking in bulk.

4. GoWise USA Air Fryer is designed to only air fries. But it has several pre-set programs for a wider scope like for chips, fish, French fries, meat, shrimp, and steak.

5. It has a limited cooking method unlike the other air fryers and of course–doesn’t replace the real cooking method. Air fryer helps you cook tenderly and evenly with a wide array of dishes but because of its design and shape, there are dishes that you cannot cook using this kitchen device. But if you are after convenience where you can prep out dishes in more or less 30 minutes, then you really should have GoWise USA Air Fryer.

GoWise USA Air Fryer is a smart choice because of its benefits. A lot of customers who have had firsthand experience are pleased and utterly satisfied with it’s performance and functions as it delivers what it promises. GoWise USA Air Fryer has a wide range of models and also colors from its 4th generation air fryer- GoWise USA Air Fryer GW22621 up to GoWise USA 8-in-1 ( the company’s latest air fryer innovation).

It is a compact and sleek kitchen gadget that helps you prepare your food in a short amount of time, with the aid of its pre-set digital temperature control and timer. If you are not good with cooking, no sweat! It makes the cooking experience extremely easy and convenient as you just have to mix the right ingredients, pop them in the pan, set the temperature and the timer and just wait for the beeping sound to alert you that the meal is done! What’s easier than that, right?

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