A Comprehensive Guide On How To Choose A Juicer

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Choose A Juicer

There are different types of juicers in the market that can suit your budget. Although so, it is important to note that the cheapest juicer in the market will not usually live up to your expectations.

When you purchase a juicer, consider it as a long-term investment, which will give you returns in the forms of wellness and energy. To produce the best juice with the most nutritional content, you need to know how to select the right juicer.

It is not necessarily true that if you spend a lot less on a juicer, you will get lower quality. If you know what to look out for in a juicer, you will have better results rather than buying the most expensive juicer in the market.

People spend a lot of money on buying high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, but they don’t know how to search for the right juicer.

Frankly speaking, your choice of a juicer is dependent on your goals and your lifetime. If you are a highly health-conscious person and you want to invest in an excellent machine, you can go ahead and purchase a full blown juicer.

However, if you are just someone who wants to have their daily cup of green juice, then you can opt for lower end models that can still get the job done well for you. For the best results in juicing, always choose a juicer that you will use rather than following the latest trends.

In this article, we have simplified the process of selecting the right juicer by giving you vital information that you must know about juicers and what you must look out for before you get a juicer.

How can you choose a juicer?

Know the different types of juicers


Using this juicer, you only need to put your produce into a spinning basket. The result of using this juicer is a soft mush due to the grinding of fruit and vegetable. Think of this juicer as a spinning basket.

The produce that you put inside it will be thrown from one side to another, just like wet clothes in a washing machine. The porous design of this basket allows the mush to release its juice using centrifugal force.


This juicer is different from a centrifugal juicer because the produce is pushed down a narrow or wide chute and this machine is usually powered by a strong motor. It is also known as a slow juicer because of its low RPM.

The concept of this juicer revolves around slow juicing, which helps to preserve the nutrition in vegetables or fruits.

Citrus press:

This juicer works based on a simple principle. All you need to do is cut citrus fruits horizontally across different segments and then you can press it down on the reamer of the citrus juicer.

A motorized citrus juicer helps to do most of the work by extracting the juice automatically. Usually, these motorized citrus juicers work based on automated pressure system.

Identify your juicing needs

Depending on your juicing needs, you will find that different types of juicers can appeal to you. Have a look at several juicing needs that may affect your choice of a juicer.

Juice texture preference:

What is your preference when it comes to the texture of your juice? Do you like something relatively thick with or without pulp? A centrifugal juicer produces more foamy juice as it is processed at high speed.

Types of produce:

Think about the main things that you want to juice. Keep in mind that each of these juicers have distinct produce that they can juice.

For example, the citrus juicer can only extract juice from citrus fruits. A centrifugal juicer can work with a larger range of produce of different sizes due to its wide chute.

Volume per serving:

Identifying how much juice you want to serve is also essential for you to select a low or high capacity juicer. Citrus juicers are more suitable for individual use rather than family use because of its low capacity.

Meanwhile, masticating or centrifugal juicer has a larger range of products that can cater to either individual or family use.

The frequency of juicing:

Are you going to use this juicer every day? The more often that you use this juicer, the more you need to be more meticulous about the specifications for this juicer.

If you are going to use it every day, the speed, cleanliness and efficiency is necessary for you to consider for practicality.

Identify the best features you want in a juicer

Depending on your needs, you will probably have different determining factors about the right juicer for you. Here are several suggestions on the features in a juicer that you need to look out for which can indicate a high quality and efficient juicer.


Many people overlook this fact because they care more about the efficiency of a machine. However, if you use this machine every day, not being able to clean it efficiently will become a hindering factor from long-term use of the juicer.

The cleaning time of the juicer depends on the number of parts that require cleaning. There are juicers that require minimal cleaning with a simple wipe down while other juicers require you to detach the parts to clean the machine thoroughly by detaching them.


Keeping in mind the hardness of the produce that you want to use when juicing is important when you want to determine the power of your preferred juicer. Anything over 400 watts should be good enough. Check for a manufacturer warranty in case of any defaults.

Noise levels:

The noise level for your juicer is dependent on the speed of your motor. The higher the speed, the higher the noise levels.

This is highly guided by your personal preference for noise levels, and you will probably need to weigh it up against the effectiveness of your juicer.

What’s next?

Let’s have a quick recap of the things that you need to do when you want to select a juicer. Firstly, you need to know the different types of juicers, such as centrifugal, masticating and citrus juicers.

Then, you need to identify your juicing needs in detail so that you can look out for these specifications from the juicers that you prefer. Lastly, identify the best features that you want in a juicer.

Through this article, you will already have a rough idea of what you can do and look out for before you purchase a juicer. Make sure to read reviews available online and have an expectation of the features that you want from your juicers.

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